ISEG launches new website

ISEG launches its new website, which represents a further step in the digital transformation of this communication channel for all its visitors, both national and international, which is why the website narrates content and messages in its three reference languages, Spanish, English and French.

With the aim of evolving its online presence, the new design represents an advance in terms of user experience, as it is a more useful and accessible space.

A new structure has been defined, which prioritizes CSR and environmental criteria, facilitating access to information in a more intuitive way, thus optimizing the user experience.

The new website includes a significant amount of graphic material for a more direct transfer of information. The inclusion of an interactive situation map of all the locations where ISEG has carried out both wind and solar activities, as well as their description, provides the user with a quick overview of the company’s capabilities.

Likewise, the structure designed provides quick and clearly defined access to information for each of the interest groups in the renewable energy sector. The distribution of contents will help any user to access ISEG news in a more fluid way.