Component Distribution

The generation of solar (photovoltaic) energy is carried out through plants with photovoltaic solar panels and inverters as main components, but with a significant number of peripheral components (mainly metal structures with or without tracker, charge regulators and a significant number of small electrical and electronic components that complete the joint generation system).


While the supply of major components (panels and inverters) is easily accessible to the properties of these generation plants through the original manufacturers, there are important problems both for obtaining peripheral components and for their improvement and optimization in the search for the plant’s increased productivity.


Since the damage to the performance of a photovoltaic solar plant does not distinguish between the different types of components, but equally affects the failure of some of them, it is precisely in the supply of peripheral components, their improvement and “ad hoc” optimization for each installation, where ISEG has used its knowledge and experience in these installations to position itself as a solvent alternative to provide the different types of properties of these installations with any component or solution for the correct productive performance in them.

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