The process of installing a wind farm is a complex project that encompasses the simultaneous implementation of activities of different nature in a coordinated manner. Civil engineering, transport logistics and lifting of large components precede and are simultaneous with the assembly of the wind turbines.


As experts in wind energy ISEG confines its activities in the installation phase of a wind farm to the assembly of the wind turbines that are the components of this type of generation leaving the remaining activities (civil engineering and transport of the components) to companies that are expert in each (engineering and transport respectively).

With experience in installations in diverse orography (involving work in very different climates and altitude conditions) as well as in both day and night environments, ISEG offers installation services for wind turbines of various technologies with the highest quality.

With the primary objective of making our customers’ priorities our own, ISEG focuses its wind turbine installation activities on the reduction of execution times with resource management completely adapted to the workload. And all this thanks to a technical staff with experience in all kinds of climatic and orographic situations, capable of solving any particular planning need.

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