Wind promotion and development

The process of promoting and developing a wind farm is a temporally long process (usually the minimum time horizon is set at 4-5 years) and technically complex, involving a wide range of professional skills during its implementation. Conceptually it encompasses from the zero moment (origin of its conception) to its construction.

Process and milestones

In figures


Total capacity (wind – solar – storage)
under development in Spain


Total capacity (wind – solar – storage)
under development in the UK

The ISEG Portfolio

ISEG began its promotion and development activities at the beginning of 2020 with two defined geographical areas of implementation in Spain and the United Kingdom (in the latter through its participation in the British company Value Renewables).


The overall power target set is 500MW in operation in 2025. This power is intended to be achieved with both wind and photovoltaic generation sources without forgetting the strategic complement for balancing grids in the form of storage facilities.


ISEG currently has 3 wind projects in different stages of development in Spain that will be complemented with storage facilities.