The installation process of a photovoltaic plant, like that of a wind farm, is a project that requires simultaneous activities of different technical nature, although the level of complexity both at the level of civil engineering and logistics is significantly lower than in the case of wind. However, in view of the budgetary adjustments that are made when defining the structural part of the anchorages of the panels that make up the park with the aim of saving as much as possible, it is necessary to pay special attention to the topographical and geotechnical activities that can be used to reliably design the structure to be installed in accordance with the budget but without posing a risk to the profitability of the plant during its operational phase due to different failures in it.


As in the case of wind-based generation plants, ISEG limits its activities in the installation phase of photovoltaic plants to the assembly of the components of this type of generation, leaving the rest of the activities (civil engineering and logistics) to expert companies in each of them.

With experience in assembly in different types of terrain with different anchoring structures (from concrete piles to isolated foundations and foundation screws and the like) and trackers as far as the mechanical part is concerned, as well as in the installation of inverters and “ad hoc” electrical and electronic installations, ISEG offers installation services of photovoltaic plants of the main technologies and sizing with maximum reliability.

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