Joint value generation for an energy-sustainable world

As a completely independent service provider ISEG is positioned as a company of proven loyalty to its customers. We understand each of them as a different entity within our ecosystem. Different demands for different corporate objectives, but always within the same sustainability environment, require specific responses for each of them. And that is where the broad knowledge of the sector combined with flexibility in the conception of its structure allows us to identify ISEG’s seal of identity: a company that offers solutions tailored to the differences of each customer with a single unnegotiable objective for all of them, the joint, sustainable generation of value based on the quality of what we do evaluated by those for whom we do it in an environment of mutual loyalty.

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Average rating in customer evaluation

Customer satisfaction evaluation

Our goal is to be the best and most faithful option as a partner in any of the links in the value chain of the renewable electricity generation sector. Therefore, and through the Customer Satisfaction Assessment Process implemented internally in ISEG, our company sets as the cornerstone of its development strategy its Performance Assessment Plan of all of our activities with all of our customers interested in fostering a relationship based on the continuous feedback of each activity, seeking improvement of performance and mutual trust.