From the common bird to the Black Swan

vision a corto

Short-term vision

The birth of the bird

Loyalty building of all stakeholders of the current ISEG ecosystem (internal and external: ISEG family, external and internal collaborators, suppliers, customers, direct and indirect beneficiaries), in a scalable manner, profitably, self-financing and generating economic and social value.

vision a medio

Medium-term vision

The transformation to swan

ISEG does not aim to achieve qualification for acceptance in established high-profile corporate energy ecosystems, but rather the creation of its own ecosystem of value capture (human and financial) that presents an alternative to existing ones.

vision a largo

Long-term vision

The fullness of the black swan

Global reference actor in each and every one of the links in the value chain of energy generation projects from renewable sources.


People – who work with Honesty – for corporate development based on Transparency – in search of maximum quality performance

Equipo gestor