The value of the
“What” and the “Where” ”

Global culture based on local knowledge. ISEG is a company with an international presence and focus aimed at the independent supply of services across all phases and actors of renewable energy generating projects.

The professional experience of each of the members of its management team in each of the international areas in which it is present and in the nature of each service it provides has allowed the development of a vertical culture from the company management to each of the employees who make up the group. The knowledge of both the local culture where the service is provided and all its implications allow ISEG to offer added value to the activity to be carried out that is within the reach of very few companies in the sector.

Conceptually sustainable

Sustainability is based on the ability to meet present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own, thereby ensuring a balance between economic growth, environmental protection and social well-being.

And this is precisely the way of working at ISEG: we cannot put the available resources at risk and, therefore, we must protect the natural environment thanks to which we can exercise our activity, using our most important asset, people, as a vehicular element.

The culture derived from these principles gives rise to our corporate values: People, Honesty, Transparency and Quality

And all this gives rise to the implementation of our professional activity with a single objective: to minimize any type of negative effect, either environmental or social, while maximizing the creation of value for all the actors that interact with us in the energy sector.

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