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Our human resources policy is based on diversity and inclusion, which brings different points of view and contributes to innovation; as well as on equal opportunities for all, regardless of their personal characteristics, aimed at seeking parity in positions of responsibility and middle managers. There is a gender barrier for field technician positions which is impossible to ignore today, although we are convinced that it will change in the immediate future, and we want to contribute as a company to this change

We demand real equality, material and not just formal, between men and women in the workplace. We firmly believe that our employees are resources in which it is necessary to invest, motivate and help their development.

The way of working is participatory, feeling part of and enjoying a job well done and the results thereof. We promote internal development, enabling employees to take on new roles and responsibilities. For us, communication in both directions is important, resulting in a flow of information necessary for solving the challenges that arise on a daily basis.

Each of the people who make up the structure of the company must inspire those who work around them, putting at the company’s service the experience of some and the vitality and innovative vision of others, in order to, all together, create a sustainable future.

ISEG Eólica

How to join our company?

We are convinced that the success of organizations depends on the talent of the people who make it up and that they are their greatest capital, therefore, we firmly believe in the well-being of employees and to contribute to it, we must set a global strategy according to the needs of the teams that make up the organization.

In our DNA is the purpose of promoting personal and professional development, and adding talent in the workforce, creating career plans that meet the expectations of the people who make up the company, thus giving them the opportunity to be involved in the development of different projects and to grow and evolve with our company.

Below, we will provide you with the steps to access OUR RECRUITMENT PROCESS.

We have the privilege of belonging to a sector that allows us to contribute to the sustainable development of the planet, a further incentive for people committed and concerned about sustainability and environmental care; if you want to join our project, register as a candidate and opt for one of the positions that we are offering.

Check out our job offers, necessary requirements, and location of the post, and if you think you are the appropriate candidate, submit your application via the following link: 


If the available offers do not meet your needs, you can send us your CV, which we will add to our database of candidates for future positions of interest to you. 

When you find the job that suits your interests, send us your CV and a cover letter (in PDF format) using the online access that appears at the end of the description of each position, “Send Application”.

(If you wish, you can access the list of positions directly from here)

Next, you will receive confirmation of your inclusion in the process of the chosen position (check spam) in the email provided in your registration. We will contact you by this means; check your email inbox in the following days.

In the details of the position, there is the maximum candidacy application date; once the term is closed, the HR department will select from among all the applicants, those that it considers are the most suitable for the position and will contact (by phone and in the case of not being able to contact, it will send an email) to agree on the interview date (virtual or face-to-face). 

Unsuccessful candidates will receive notification in their email. 

In a first contact, from the HR department, an interview will be carried out to expand information on your CV, as well as to know your concerns regarding the position.

The technical team will be able to contact you to deepen their specific knowledge.

These contacts must serve to get to know each other and thus be able to conclude that you are the person we are looking for, take the opportunity to show your skills and strengths and request the clarifications you need, about the company or about the position.

As soon as we have chosen our ideal candidate, communication will be sent to the rest informing that the process is closed.

By email, we will send you our offer with economic and working conditions in the confidence that you accept it and become part of our family. Once we receive your acceptance, we will start all the necessary processes for your incorporation from the HR and O&M department with the exchange of documents and contact with the people who will be part of your day-to-day life in the performance of your new job.

Send C.V. and cover letter

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If you want to clearly show your interest, and skills, spend some time sending us, along with the CV, a cover letter that helps us choose you; it is an opportunity to draw our attention to your strengths and clarify the most important aspects of your curriculum regarding the demands of the position.

In addition to your studies, professional experience and certificates that you have, we are interested in knowing your “soft skills”, so if you can include a review of your skills to relate, adaptability, leadership, etc., you will surely have a better chance of being selected.  

We will contact you in a few days, asking for more information or calling you for an interview. 

Whenever possible we will arrange a personal interview at our facilities; if possible, we would do it by videoconference. Make sure you are in a quiet place and preferably with a computer. 

Due to policy, it is not possible to send CVs by email; to ensure that personal data is handled correctly, you can only send your CV and cover letter through our hiring system.