A sustainable partnership

At all times, our suppliers must share our common goal of respecting and promoting our environment, ethical standards and compliance with legislation.

ISEG S.L. guarantees the impartiality and objectivity of our supplier selection processes and establishes the necessary channels and mechanisms to guarantee that the conduct of our suppliers is ethically responsible.

General HSE requirements for contractors

ISEG S.L has a health, quality, safety and environmental management system that is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards.

ISEG S.L. ‘s health, safety and environmental management system establishes the minimum HSE requirements for our suppliers.

In order to continuously improve, ISEG S.L. carries out evaluations of its suppliers, which are made available to them if required.

Code of Conduct for suppliers and third parties acting as intermediaries

he Supplier Code of Conduct applies to all suppliers and third parties acting as intermediaries of ISEG S.L. and is composed of four main areas:


  • Human Rights
  • Fair business practices
  • Working practices
  • Environmental protection clause


It sets standards to ensure that working conditions in our supply chain are safe, that workers are treated with respect and dignity, and that business operations with suppliers are ethically, socially and environmentally responsible.

ISEG S.L. promotes the Code of Conduct among all suppliers as it plays an essential role in our sustainability-oriented value chain.

We expect all suppliers to demonstrate their commitment to these standards and principles, and request compliance with and respect for them.

Purchase conditions

Below, you will find the ISEG S.L. General Purchase Conditions. If you would like more information about the ISEG S.L. General Conditions, please contact your regular buyer.