ISEG keeps on growing in photovoltaic solar activities

ISEG carries on increasing the volume of all types of activities in photovoltaic solar plants in France as well as starting up maintenance activities (both preventive and corrective ones) in Spain. Portugal will be coming soon.

ISEG started up activities as ISP in the photovoltaic solar sector in August 2020 in France. Since then they have not stopped growing.

Nowadays, ISEG accumulates more than 100 photovoltaic solar farms in which maintenance activities have been carried out.

In 2020, 4 interventions were carried out on a total of 59,3 MW.

In 2021, the interventions amounted to 21 for a total of 153,86 MW.

Last year, 2022, ISEG carried out 104 interventions (355,57 MW).

Forecasts for 2023 point to 150 interventions for a total of 500 MW.

On the top of that, ISEG has developed capacity for manufacturing customized components, optimization of existing components and repair of specific electronic components within this type of renewable energy generation.