• Highly experienced technical staff.
• Internationally skilled staff in direction of full management projects.

Wind Turbines Services:

• Preventive Maintenance.
• Predictive Maintenance.
• Cleaning, optimization and continuous improvement.
• Turbines and systems technical update.
• Failures pre-diagnosis.
• Minor corrective maintenance management
• Major corrective maintenance management(orientation system modifications, generator, multipliers, blade repairing).
• Retrofits.

Wind Consulting I:

• Wind measurement analysis according to standard IEC/ISO 61.400-12-1.
• "In situ" to carry out a study.
• Obstacles near the met-mast.
• Site roughness.
• Optimal lay-out of the met-mast.
• Proper orientation of the met-mast.
• Supply, installation and maintenance of the met-mast.
• Telemetry service and technical support during the wind measurement analysis.

Wind Consulting II:

• WTG's lay-out according to standard.
• Wind resource analysis.
• Site study, lay-out optimization and energy production report.
• Uncertainty Analysis.

Photovoltaic Solar Energy:

• Project Development.
• Project Supply.
• Project Installation.
• Project Set-up.
• Project Maintenance.